For Riders

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$3.00 Contribution

Riders contribute $3.00 per morning commute

  • Save 35% over BART fare & parking
  • Save $1,000 per year
  • Includes free parking and free evening shuttle from BART to pickup location
  • Does not include BART return ticket

For Drivers

Receive $5.00 or 100% SF Parking Cost

Drivers receive $5.00, or 100% reimbursement of daily San Francisco parking (up to $50), to offset costs

  • Save $1,200 per year
  • Drivers pay for all commuting costs (tolls, gas, insurance, etc)
  • Driver may elect to donate rider contributions

Commutr transactions are all cash-less for ease and safety.

Riders enter credit card information into the Commutr app for automatic payments, and drivers receive contributions or parking reimbursements via PayPal. Contributions and reimbursements are processed weekly.


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