New app features

The new Commutr app is now available for download in the App Store!

New Feature Highlights:

1. Check-in

The newest Commutr app allows you to check-in from the comfort of your own car. We'll notify you via text message when your carpool is ready. As a Commutr user, you must bring your device with you to check-in, and keep the app running while your commute is in progress. The check-in process is essential to optimizing carpool assignments, getting you to San Francisco faster.

Don't have an iPhone? The app is also compatible with cellular enabled iPads!

2. In-app Payments

Enter your credit card for automatic payments. We are now processing rider contributions weekly, and will charge your account $3 for every ride you have scheduled, and not cancelled, by 5PM every Friday. If you are new to Commutr, your first two days are completely free!

3. Route Selection

Users can now choose from multiple routes: Orinda #1 to Howard/Fremont, or Orinda #1 to Pine/Front.

4. Carpool Scheduler

It's now easier to schedule your carpools in advance. You can also reserve your shuttle for the ride home.

5. User Profiles

We've launched an early version of user profiles. You can now add your name and phone number.

6. Leaner & Sleeker Design

The app will now take up less space on your phone and has a cleaner design.

7. Better Battery Life!