A new way to Orinda BART from Moraga

Do you have problems parking at BART? Are you frustrated by traffic on Moraga Way?

Commutr is considering a new carpool service between Moraga and Orinda BART as a way to reduce congestion and help you get to BART in the morning. The service would work as follows:

  1. Decide to drive or ride in our App
  2. Arrive and be assigned a carpool within 10 minutes (near Safeway in Moraga)
  3. Drive to Orinda BART
  4. Riders share parking costs
  5. In the evening, riders return to Moraga via Commutr's free shuttle (between 5 and 9pm)

Help us gauge interest by answering the following 6 questions - we might launch as early as next week.

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Thank you,
The Commutr Team