Moraga is leading with 59 & free Starbucks


Counting down to the final days before the launch of our first Commutr-powered casual carpool location. With 59 out of 160 sign ups so far, Moraga #1 location (near Wells Fargo) is in the lead to be the first location to open. Orinda #1 (at the Holy Shepherd Church) is in 2nd place - thanks again to the church for providing us a perfect parking lot!

A few quick updates...

  • If all goes well with testing this week, we will open the first location on December 15th as planned. Lots to do between now and the 15th!
  • On Tuesday (9th) from 6am to 9am, the Commutr team will be at the existing Orinda Casual Carpool (near Starbucks in Theatre Square) providing free hot coffee, demoing the app and answering questions about Commutr. Stop by to say hello!
  • A special thanks to all of our testers...the feedback you are providing is greatly appreciated and is helping us fine tune before the big day. We are running tests Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week. If you can't wait to see the app, email to become a tester.
  • A very special thanks to Ferian, Mark and Kim for asking great questions and spreading the word at work - you are awesome.

Ok, that's all for now. Follow us on Facebook for daily updates and pictures from Tuesday morning.