Reduce wait time with the new Commutr app

Now available in the app store!

The newest Commutr app allows users to select multiple 'Route' and 'Type of Commutr' options when reserving a carpool.

The greater your flexibility, the faster carpools can be arranged and leave for San Francisco.

  1. Route
    By selecting both "Orinda #1 to Howard/Fremont" and "Orinda #1 to Pine/Front," you help to optimize wait times, enabling us to more rapidly assign carpools and get everyone to SF faster.
  2. Type of Commutr
    Are you available to ride or drive? You are now able to select both in the app! We will let you know whether you are a rider or driver when you arrive in the morning.

Carpool tips, tricks & etiquette

                                                                                              Please enter the parking lot off of Moraga Way, not Orchard (as per the photo).

                                                                                              Please enter the parking lot off of Moraga Way, not Orchard (as per the photo).

Commutr tips:

1. Riders are strongly encouraged to help drivers navigate traffic and routes (especially with new carpool & limo drivers on tough traffic days). Please remember, as a guest in the driver's car, the route is ultimately the driver's decision.

2. Directions, traffic & drive times by Google:

3. No cellphone calls please

4. It's 100% okay not to talk, wear your headphones or do some work.

5. Music is a personal taste. We encourage drivers to keep the volume low. FM 90.3 for some classical.

6. We are all in this together. If you are unsure about anything, just ask. Together we can create a stress-free commute.

7. Not feeling great? Consider staying home if you are under the weather.

All good things must come to an end...

Today, I am announcing my retirement as parking lot attendant of the Orinda #1 location. It has been a pleasure to chat with all of you in the morning and to help guide you to the best available parking spot. After 7 long weeks, I have decided it is time for me to move on. In my absence I leave you with this map to help you identify all the legal parking spots available to you in the morning.


Meet the Shuttle Team

Michelle Meyer

Michelle Meyer

An East Bay transplant originally from Syracuse, New York, Michelle joined the Commutr team as Community Manager in February.  Before relocating to the Bay, Michelle served as Outreach Coordinator at Atlantic States Legal Foundation, Inc.


Randy Girsang

Chemist by day, shuttle driver by night, Randy relocated from New Brunswick, New Jersey, to escape the bitter cold of winter.  In addition to working with Commutr, Randy is also a Formulation Chemist at Valent in Dublin, CA.

Lawrence Hill

George Perasso

Born and raised in San Francisco, George has been an East Bay resident for 26 years.  After a long career as Bellcaptain at the historic Westin St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco, George transitioned into his role as Chauffuer for Napa Valley Wine Country Tours before joining the Commutr team.

Lawrence Hill

A life-long resident of the Bay Area, Lawrence joined the Commutr team following years of service as a Field Technician and Service Representative at Portland Energy Conservation and East Bay Municipal Utility District.  In addition to driving with Commutr, Lawrence also serves as Deacon and shuttle driver for his church.

New app features

The new Commutr app is now available for download in the App Store!

New Feature Highlights:

1. Check-in

The newest Commutr app allows you to check-in from the comfort of your own car. We'll notify you via text message when your carpool is ready. As a Commutr user, you must bring your device with you to check-in, and keep the app running while your commute is in progress. The check-in process is essential to optimizing carpool assignments, getting you to San Francisco faster.

Don't have an iPhone? The app is also compatible with cellular enabled iPads!

2. In-app Payments

Enter your credit card for automatic payments. We are now processing rider contributions weekly, and will charge your account $3 for every ride you have scheduled, and not cancelled, by 5PM every Friday. If you are new to Commutr, your first two days are completely free!

3. Route Selection

Users can now choose from multiple routes: Orinda #1 to Howard/Fremont, or Orinda #1 to Pine/Front.

4. Carpool Scheduler

It's now easier to schedule your carpools in advance. You can also reserve your shuttle for the ride home.

5. User Profiles

We've launched an early version of user profiles. You can now add your name and phone number.

6. Leaner & Sleeker Design

The app will now take up less space on your phone and has a cleaner design.

7. Better Battery Life!

A new way to Orinda BART from Moraga

Do you have problems parking at BART? Are you frustrated by traffic on Moraga Way?

Commutr is considering a new carpool service between Moraga and Orinda BART as a way to reduce congestion and help you get to BART in the morning. The service would work as follows:

  1. Decide to drive or ride in our App
  2. Arrive and be assigned a carpool within 10 minutes (near Safeway in Moraga)
  3. Drive to Orinda BART
  4. Riders share parking costs
  5. In the evening, riders return to Moraga via Commutr's free shuttle (between 5 and 9pm)

Help us gauge interest by answering the following 6 questions - we might launch as early as next week.

Complete this Survey


Please forward this email or share our Facebook post with other Moraga residents.

Thank you,
The Commutr Team

Free SF Parking from Commutr

Starting Tuesday (2/9), Commutr is offering FREE parking in San Francisco for all Commutr carpool drivers. 

How it works? 

  1. Download Commutr and set a commute
  2. Pick up at Orinda #1 from 7 to 8am and drop off in SF
  3. Park anywhere
  4. Email us a picture of your receipt
  5. Commutr reimburses via Paypal within 12 hours

Happy carpooling,
Your Commutr Team

Want to learn more? Email us at

Reopening Orinda #1 on January 12th from 7:00 to 8:00 am

We are excited to announce that Commutr will reopen on Monday the 12th. Carpools will be arranged at our Orinda #1 location (south Orinda) from 7:00 to 8:00 am and dropping off at 200 Fremont Street in San Francisco.

In order to provide guaranteed carpools within 10 minutes of your arrival at Orinda #1, we are limiting Monday’s commute to 30 riders. We have the drivers covered already, so only riders will be able to set commutes for Monday. Each day, we plan to review and expand capacity for both riders and drivers.

Orinda #1 is located halfway between Orinda and Moraga at 433 Moraga Way (click for map) in the parking lot of the Holy Shepherd Lutheran Church near Fire Station #44 and Orchard Road. 200 Fremont (click for map) is on the corner of Howard three blocks south of Market.

Free parking is provided at Orinda #1 and our free shuttle will operate from 5:00 to 9:00 pm departing Orinda BART to Orinda #1 every 10 minutes.

Carpools for riders from Orinda #1 cost $3.00 per commute, but your first two days using Commutr are completely free.

Install the new version of Commutr by clicking here on your iPhone and setting your commute. Again, we are limited to the first 30 riders that set commutes on the app for Monday.

For those without iPhones or outside our coverage area or times, we are working hard to expand as quickly as possible with amazing service. Stay tuned!

Excited about Commutr? Help spread the news on Facebook

Question? Email us at

Amazing first day - thanks to our 1st 21 customers

We had no idea what to expect today, but despite the morning darkness, crazy rain and traffic, our first day in business was a great success. Here are some highlights...

  1. We created 7 casual carpools (with 21 happy customers) from Orinda/Moraga to SF
  2. Only 1 person waited more than 5 minutes for a carpool
  3. Sorin, our CTO, was dancing on the side of the street
  4. The free parking and BART shuttle worked perfectly
  5. We have some new "raving fans" asking for more!

While we are very happy with the turnout, we did see a few operational challenges that need to be ironed out. Because we believe so strongly in delivering an amazing and reliable experience, we've decided to solve these operational issues before reopening. Therefore, we will not be open for the remainder of this week and potentially over the holiday weeks.

More details will follow later this week and we shall return when we are ready to transform commuting for all of Lamorinda!

Commutr launches Monday the 15th

We are excited to announce that on Monday our Orinda #1 location will be open for business from 7:00 to 8:00am.

This location is the perfect starting point as it allows Commutr to service both Moraga and southern Orinda. Carpools formed at this location will drop off at 200 Fremont Street (& Howard) in San Francisco.

So, here’s what is next…

  1. People interested in the Orinda #1 to 200 Fremont Street route should download Commutr from the App Store.
  2. In the app, estimate your approximate arrival time on Monday and if you want to drive or ride by 11pm on Sunday night.
  3. Show up between 7:00 and 8:00am at Orinda #1 on Monday and a Commutr representative will assign you a carpool within 10 minutes of your arrival - GUARANTEED.
  4. Riders are provided with free parking at the church.
  5. Your carpool drives to 200 Fremont via the Bay Bridge HOV lane (drivers pay the toll).
  6. In the evening, riders return home via BART and our free shuttle - operating from 4:00 to 10:00pm
  7. Riders can try Commutr for FREE for 2 days. Drivers receive $5.00 from Commutr to cover commuting costs.

Ok, that’s the app to get started and follow updates on Facebook.  If these locations or hours are not convenient, don't worry...we have big plans for 2015!

Founder, Commutr

Have questions? Email, call (415) 723-0065 or visit

Moraga is leading with 59 & free Starbucks


Counting down to the final days before the launch of our first Commutr-powered casual carpool location. With 59 out of 160 sign ups so far, Moraga #1 location (near Wells Fargo) is in the lead to be the first location to open. Orinda #1 (at the Holy Shepherd Church) is in 2nd place - thanks again to the church for providing us a perfect parking lot!

A few quick updates...

  • If all goes well with testing this week, we will open the first location on December 15th as planned. Lots to do between now and the 15th!
  • On Tuesday (9th) from 6am to 9am, the Commutr team will be at the existing Orinda Casual Carpool (near Starbucks in Theatre Square) providing free hot coffee, demoing the app and answering questions about Commutr. Stop by to say hello!
  • A special thanks to all of our testers...the feedback you are providing is greatly appreciated and is helping us fine tune before the big day. We are running tests Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week. If you can't wait to see the app, email to become a tester.
  • A very special thanks to Ferian, Mark and Kim for asking great questions and spreading the word at work - you are awesome.

Ok, that's all for now. Follow us on Facebook for daily updates and pictures from Tuesday morning.

Commutr update....100 so far!

Thank you for your interest in Commutr! We are working hard to get ready for our December Lamorinda launch. Here is a quick update...

  • We've updated with new location details
  • 100 people have signed up since the beginning of the week
  • Holy Shepherd Lutheran Church on Moraga Way has agreed provide free parking for Commutr users
  • Our marketing signs had a tough day with the wind this morning

Our current plan is to open in Moraga (near Wells Fargo) and Orinda (near Holy Shepherd) on December 15th. We need about 200 more commuters before we launch.

Many of you have asked how you can help. At this point, the most powerful thing is to tell some Orinda and Moraga friends about or to like/share/comment on our facebook page.

Stay tuned for more updates and feel free to email me any questions.

Best, Alex